Dating within the walmart company

I think this type of behavior is unethical and should be avoided.

Managers are behavior role models to other employees.

The consequences to the parties involved were different.Juries decide a case in which Wal-Mart is a defendant about six times every business day, usually in favor of the Bentonville, Ark., and retail giant. No one keeps a comprehensive list of all the nation's litigation, but legal analysts believe that Wal-Mart is sued more often than any American entity except the U. government, which the Justice Department estimates was sued more than 7,500 times last year.Dozens of lawyers across the United States now specialize in suing Wal-Mart; many share documents and other information via the Internet.Within the corporate world, Amazon now ranks with Apple as among the United States’ most esteemed businesses.Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, came in second in the Harvard Business Review’s 2012 world rankings of admired CEOs, and Amazon was third in CNN’s 2012 list of the world’s most admired companies.

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