Updating iis

Well the reason is we are going to upgrade to PHP 5.3 following my previous post and then doing a little bit of trick.

Again I have seen a lot of forum posting in the IIS forum where people have asked about this.

In the Registry, there are settings for each of the users.

It sounds like "IUSR" has regional settings other than those you want.

In addition to the new method of requesting and installing SSL certificates, IIS 7 includes the ability to: This article will walk you through the process of ordering an SSL certificate from a commercial certificate authority and installing it on an IIS 7 Windows Server 2008 machine.

The process will also work for later versions such as Windows Server 2016 and IIS 8 and IIS 10 with some small modifications.

After you have extended a Web application into a zone with a set of IIS bindings and alternate access mapping URLs, you might decide that you want to use a different URL to reach the Web application.

I already talked about how WPI can help you installing PHP on Windows running IIS.

If you haven't read that post, I would encourage you to read that post before continue reading this. So wondering why I am asking you to read the previous post of mine.

Once you paste the contents of the CSR and complete the ordering process, your order is validated, and you will receive the SSL certificate file.

To install your newly acquired SSL certificate in IIS 7, first copy the file somewhere on the server and then follow these instructions: Most SSL providers issue server certificates off of an Intermediate certificate so you will need to install this Intermediate certificate to the server as well or your visitors will receive a Certificate Not Trusted Error.

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