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Yubel - Terror Incarnate: For every monster the player have that have a lower attack points than the damage the opponent took because of the first ability, destroy one monster for the opponent.Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare: Destroy all the opponents monsters and then gain 200 life points for every one of them.Elemental Dragon Hero Ultimatum (Burstwing Terradrake Aqua Blast Quickclaw Lightningstorm, can only be summoned with Final Elemental Fusion)Atk: 3500 Def: 3000 level 10 LIGHTThis card’s three abilities can only be used by removing a certain amount of its fusion materials.1, the first ability is active, 3, the first and second ability is active, 5, all three of the abilities is active.1Deal piercing damage2Attack twice per battle phase3If either player activate an effect that would make one or more Elemental Dragon Heroes leave the field, no matter if it’s returning them to the hand or the deck, send them to the graveyard or remove them from play, this card negates the effect and destroys the card, also this card gains 300 points every time a card is negated and destroyed through this ability.Once per turn you can choose one type (Spell, trap, monster) and add a random card of that type from your grave to your hand, however if the card is a spell or trap it can’t be activated until the player’s next main phase, and if it’s a monster it can’t be summoned until the next main phase.Elemental Dragon Hero Quickclaw Atk: 16 lv 4 WIND1When summoned, normal or special, check the top four cads of the deck, then you can summon 1 level 6 or below monster to the field (if more than one choice then the player chooses), the rest of the cards get shuffled back in to the deck.2Once per turn if this card gets attacked, it switches to defense mode and can’t be destroyed by that attack. Attribute: Earth Can't be normal summoned, can only be special summoned from the hand by removing a level 7 or higher dinosaur monster with 'Tyranno' in its name on your side of the field from the game.

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Elemental Hero Burst Neos (Elemental Hero Neos Neo Spacian Burst Scarab)Atk: 2800 Def: 2500.

The summoned Fusion monster can't be destroyed in battle or by card effects during the turn it was summoned.

Dragon Callerspell Effect The player can normal summon a dragon type monster from his/her hand regardless of the level.

Defender Dragon Atk: 2000 Def: 1500, Level 4, Attribute: Light. Special ability 2: Once per turn, during your standby phase, if you have a Cyber Angel on your side of the field while this card is in your graveyard, you can add it to your hand, or if you have no monsters on your field during your opponent's battle phase, you can special summon it in defense mode. Dark Dragon Dragun the Dragon Knight Level 4, attribute: Dark Atk: 1600 Def: 800.

Ability Whenever the opponent activates a card effect, the player can decrease this card's Atk by 200, negate the effect and if it’s a spell/trap, destroy the card, also the opponent can’t activate anymore card effects that turn. Attibute: FIREAbility: If a monster you control is destroyed during either players battle phase, you can special summon this card from your hand, also until the end phase of your next turn, this card’s Atk increases with half of the amount of your destroyed monster’s original Atk. Dragon/Effect Special abilities1 When this card is successfully normal summoned the opponent loses 400 life points.2 when this monster destroys a monster in battle, inflict 200 points of damage times the destroyed monster's level.

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