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When we spoke about our last visit to a sauna where she had been nude in front of other men for the first time she no longer spoke of it being disgusting. She even asked me if I thought she should trim her pubic hair as she had noticed that many women had much less hair or were even totally hairless.She reasoned "I don't want to stand out even more as it's already bad enough being Chinese and having no breasts." All of this gave me hope that we would soon be visiting another nude sauna.She didn't want it all off as she said she would look like a little girl with no breasts and no pubic hair!At breakfast the next morning we were discussing what to do; Jia suggested we go swimming as Meilin enjoys it.

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I was very happy to assist and we trimmed things down to a small triangle above her lips.Meilin loved the place and was excited to try out everything.She had visited similar places in China but they were always overcrowded and not very enjoyable.Jia and I went on a couple of the slides but it's not really our thing and we soon left her alone to enjoy the action.We arranged to meet up about an hour later at one of the pools. Once we got to the changing room I was again surprised by Jia's new attitude.

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