Free erotic instant message

) saying they send sexy texts, it's fair to say the US is sextually active.

And, the majority of people (56 percent) who sext believe that it's helped their relationship.

Another free download, this option is good for users who don't want to be barraged with a ton of features.

Three levels of protection—minimal, moderate and extreme—mean that you can choose how much content is blocked.

Long drawn out phone conversations that last for hours on end, during which we bare our souls, are a thing of the past.

And even then probably only happened with your middle school significant other.

You can also encourage your children to use a kid-friendly search engine like Safe Search for Kids.

Taking preventative measures could go a long way to ensure that your children are being safe with their technology.

Here are a few tools that can help you keep your kids safe online.

Nosy significant others beware: It's illegal to use this product on adults.

If you're receiving unwanted messages, even if it's from a boyfriend or girlfriend, and they refuse to stop, it's time to dust off that block feature.

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