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She received e-mails warning that the authors knew where she lived.

Posters “outed” her as the author of her pseudonymous blog, taunting that the “confessions she’s made about her pitiful fat fucking self are now blasted across teh [Over the next year, the attacks grew more gruesome and numerous.

She enjoyed interacting with her readers and commenting on other blogs; it provided a support system and sounding board for her ideas.

Before school began, she searched her name and found posts describing her as a “stupid, ugly fat whore” who “couldn’t take a hint from a man.” Anonymous posters listed her e-mail address, phone number, and dating site profiles.

The findings are from the third annual survey Cox and NCMEC have fielded to help parents realize the potential dangers of the Internet.

There are a variety of online predator-to-child scenarios parents need to be aware of.

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Knowing the truth could save your children from the dangers they face in the online world.

These stories are perhaps the most nightmarish for parents to read about.

Racist comments she never made were attributed to her.

Posts listed her professors’ e-mail addresses, instructing readers to tell them about Mayer’s “sickening racist rants.” Someone set up a Twitter account in Mayer’s name that claimed she fantasized about rape and rough sex. Mayer could not even guess the identity of the posters.

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