Internet dating for the shy

The first tip is to get off the fence and join a dating site. e Harmony found 47.6% of online daters are are women. This is no time to dip your toes to “see what’s out there.” This leads to my next point…

There are literally millions of women are on dating sites right now. Here’s an equation you need to know about online dating: Half-assed effort = half-assed results.

You can’t just sit around expecting women to email you once you put up a dating profile. This means to add new photos and change your self-summary (written section).

The majority of men put up a dating profile and leave it there to collect dust.

The most critical of the online dating tips for shy guys is to be confident. Don’t get frustrated, discouraged and by all means, never quit.

There’s a reason; no woman wants to deal with a bitter guy. It’ll happen, but don’t count on women contacting you first for a lot of dates. If you’re the type of guy who engages in long email chains, trust me on this, some other guy is going to swoop in on her because he’s being more assertive than you are. The key is getting her to communicate offline so you can meet for that first date. One thing most men rarely do is to change up their profile. This list of online dating tips for shy guys will help you.

They want someone who’ll put a smile on their face. You need to be the aggressor because women like being chased. So, if you find yourself emailing a girl and your emails have become messages like “How’s your day” or “How’s your night going? You’ll gain an edge if you change your profile once a month.

I’m not here to tell you to change who you are but you MUST overcome your shyness if you want to meet someone online.

As a shy guy myself, the tips below are a list of tips I created for shy guys who are thinking about joining a dating site or just need help in general. PEW Research Center found 15% of American’s have used online dating.

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