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If you or a loved one is concerned about being able to quickly get help in case of an emergency, accident or illness, there are apps available that can quickly connect you to emergency help and communicate your medical information to first responders.i Phone users can check out the 5Star Urgent Response Personal Safety & Emergency Help App (with GPS Locator).But he would love you so much that he would overlook that. In the end, after three more weeks of searching for the perfect sweater—was it so much better than the one you could have bought originally? Gottlieb: "The guys I interviewed for the book said women judge them so much.Whether it's with men or sweaters…if you just think you have unlimited options for the rest of your life, of course you'll keep looking, who wouldn't? Women gave me 300 reasons they wouldn't go on a second date with a guy, and men gave 3. More Ways to Get Glamour You could win ,000 just for registering for or logging in to! This article in PC World has some great ideas for Fitness Apps – check it out and give some thought to which apps are right for you.

Many fitness apps make it possible to share your progress via social media (for example, you can post your latest run times to Facebook to show people how well you’re doing – and including this social component can help motivate you to stick with your workout routine).

”), there are more ways than ever before for women over 60 to use technology to live healthier, save money, save time, and connect to the people and ideas and entertainment that we value most.

One of the most promising and influential trends in technology of the past few years has been the rise of mobile apps.

We’ve seen a wide variety of technological advances during our lifetimes, from television to mobile phones to the Internet.

As technology keeps getting cheaper and more powerful and more intimately connected to our lives (have you read about “Google Glass?

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