Who is jessie james sister dating song from the dating game

It’s time, she’s really huge and I don’t want you to go any longer,’ ” James Decker, 26, tells PEOPLE.

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Jessie James: When I was not pregnant, I was cooking a lot healthier, lots of fish and vegetables.“I love the movie and I loved the way the dad would call her, ‘Viviaaanne.’ So that’s how we say it, too — it’s not just Vivianne. Decker recently signed with the New York Jets and the family of three will be settling in the Big Apple.Although the mother-daughter duo haven’t ventured out into the city just yet, James Decker isn’t one to shelter her 6-week-old. I want her to see things and be aware of her surroundings — I think it will make her smarter,” she says.or to have an animal room, maybe with little bunnies.I know it's going to be pretty and pink, that's for sure.

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