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I need to see better pic's - need to see the whole frame and then some separate shots - head tube front on and then side on - rear dropouts - seat tube to brake stays (just under the seat post) and where the serial numbers are now looking at it, it looks like a red line but ! cheers B Cheers for the info guys does seem its a built by giant frame --- does this effect the price at all?? as a complete novice who thought this was to build something nice did i waste my ???

it seems to have two tabs for a coaster brake (indicating early model) need a picture of them Forks look redline ( i think it should say some thing on the steer tube) angle seems right Have you a picture of the bars ? also mr get the extra pictures of the nos pads and bars? god there are so many types out there aren't there??

It was started by cyclist Tom Finnigan who established the shop with the prize he earned (240 gold sovereigns) by winning the 1898 Austral Wheel Race.

Finnigan specialised in touring and racing bikes, which he called Malvern Stars.

cheers guys johnhi yep got two sets of numbers on chain side drop out it reads GO384 and on the non drive side it reads 4585456 got some pictures but not got a flicka account so could drop one to ya on a pm???

cheers john Hi mate, Just had a look at the pic's It's hard to say ?

At the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Ian Browne and Tony Marchant won a gold medal on a Malvern Star tandem.

1979 saw the introduction of the first Supermax / Maxi frame that would ultimately replace the 5-Hole gusset design.

With the Second World War, the supply of bicycle parts became scarce, so Malvern Star started manufacturing its own. At its peak after the war, Malvern Star had 115 stores with 1,000 dealers.Finnigan introduced a logo featuring a six-pointed star, which matched a tattoo on his forearm, used throughout the 1900s.His family is still in the bicycle trade, running a shop in Northcote.I am especially interested in brochures and advertisements as these are most valuable when restoring bikes back to their original glory.Trying to piece together the history of the Malvern Star and Speedwell BMX bikes is not easy.

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