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Further snippets from this recording are inserted between a few of the other tracks.Technically, the album starts with Joey inviting her parents to play the song, and ends with them all chatting and giggling in the studio.Examples here are the slightly repetitive and rather mundane ‘That’s Important To Me’, where Joey’s obvious commitment to the song, which she co-wrote with Rory and Tim Johnson, does just that.Similarly, ‘Like A Rodeo’ offers an unremarkable metaphor for life with a gentle melody, but is really beautifully sung.

Joey’s vocal is honey-sweet and tender on ‘How’s The World Treating You’ (the oldest song included).Barnes, and showcases Joey’s excellent voice; this cut could easily be a hit single.‘See You There’ is almost too personal, and may be too much for some, as it tells the story of the early death of Joey’s brother; some of the detail feels rather like trespassing on someone else’s private grief, and some of the rhymes feel a little too obvious, but the song has a real emotional impact.It comprises some of their favourite classic country tunes, dating from 1952 to 1980, and is dedicated to their respective parents and to baby Indiana.There is a laid back feel to the selection of songs.

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