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In this post, I’ll take a peek inside a cybercrime-friendly affiliate network for premium-rate SMS based mobile malware, list its associated numbers currently in use, provide MD5s of variants known to have been pushed by it, and discuss its business model. First of all, the web sites participating in the affiliate network ““, and that’s just for starters. T; Android: Fake Inst-BH [Trj] MD5: 306fe878ac61615c0571d34b3de733a6 – detected by 26 out of 45 antivirus scanners as Trojan. What’s also worth emphasizing on next to the fact that everyone can join the affiliate network, is that the premium rate sms-sending mobile malware supports multiple operating systems, as it can expose users to . Whenever a socially engineered user attempts to install the rogue applications, the initial SMS he/she will send automatically results in a subscription to the service, with the rogue applications sending premium-rate SMS messages in the background. Tenslotte zijn er ook bijna 90 bekende malware analyse, forensische en netwerk monitoring tools aanwezig.Affiliate networks are an inseparable part of the cybercrime ecosystem. MD5: 7fb7e22dcc91b24498f1c14e5d41a21d – detected by 26 out of 46 antivirus scanners as HEUR: Trojan-SMS. We’ll be adding many of these domains on the next update, but please visit may wish to add the domains to your own blocklist sooner.Domains associated with gumblar, zeus, drive-by’s, rogues, etc…

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Justdomains contains list of only the domain names. Most are removed as they were no longer actively associated with malware.Sources include www3.malekal.com, blog.unmarkparasites, (Every source is always listed in the file): Malicious domains associated with zeus, rogue security, gumblar and other nastiness.Sources include securehomenetworks.blogspot.com, blog.unmaskparasites.com, source is always listed in the file): James Mc Quaid at securehomenetwork.describes a huge SEO malware campaign utilizing thousands of machine-generated domains combining black hat SEO poisoning with virulent malware infections.Please help to keep this site free and donate whatever you can.All donations go to hosting and infrastructure costs. Full acknowledgment, an icon, and link back to your site will be placed in the left sidebar.

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