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I never remembered seeing any of these posts, but keyword search surfaced them to help me piggyback on what they know.

A search for “Ferguson” pulled up mentions by friends as recent as 45 minutes ago, and gave me a good look at the articles my friends are sharing about the Michael Brown tragedy.

But if a friend wanted to easily find posts where you said you were “drunk”, now they could.

Users should take a look at their Timeline or search a few objectionable words with their name and use the in-line privacy selectors in the results to hide anything scandalous.

But once upon a time when Facebook was mostly just for college kids, people might have been much more cavalier about posting publicly.

Full public post search could lead to people unwittingly ending up embarassed or in the news because someone dug up one of their posts.

Overall, though, I was impressed by the utility of Facebook keyword search.] Only posts by friends or that friends have interacted with are eligible to show up in search.But since keywords can carry lucrative purchase intent, I’d bet Facebook experiments with ads here eventually to see if they could become real revenue generators.Businesses would surely be willing to pay to insert themselves into results for “restaurant” or “lawyer”.For example, if you were my friend, you could search for “Josh Constine dancing” to see posts of me making a fool of myself.The results are ranked with a personalization algorithm that combines the prevalence of keywords with a News Feed-style ranking based on how close you are with the author and loads of other signals.

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