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The cost of the bouquet does not matter, even a sprig of mimosa would do. In the evening of March 7, all the streets literally bloom, as most women are returning home from work holding bouquets of flowers. In the morning, men congratulate their wives and daughters.On this day, a young girl can get many bouquets of flowers; one from her loved one, one from her dad, and lots from her male friends. But if in many countries women fight for their rights on this day, in Russia and Ukraine, this day has turned into a special day for women – this is Women's Day, the celebration of love, spring, and femininity. On being feminine, beautiful, and fragile, on being not like men, on needing to be taken care of and loved.On this day, men congratulate women, give them flowers and gifts. All Russian and Ukrainian womenare waiting for this day.Following on from the series 'World War II: Behind Closed Doors', which examines the controversial dealings of political leaders as events overtook them, we look at the ramifications of those dealings for the BBC.

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The Soviets, who received information from Klaus Fuchs regarding the American hydrogen bomb program throughout the late 1940s, knew that thermonuclear weapons were theoretically possible.If your relationship has evolved in a serious relationship, it is better to send your beloved Russian girl a real bouquet of flowers.Remember that in Russia and Ukraine, it is customary to present an odd number of flowers. If you are already married to a Slavic girl, do not forget about this day.Four days later, on August 12, 1953, the RDS-6s test, the first test of a Soviet thermonuclear device, took place.The test, which became known as Joe-4 (this had been the fourth Soviet nuclear explosion whose occurrence was announced by the United States), took place at the Semipalatinsk test site and yielded roughly 400 kilotons of TNT.

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