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The government, despite the findings of the royal commissions, was unwilling to commit funds to the establishment of a university.

In 1893, the Queensland University Extension Movement was begun by a group of private individuals who organised public lecture courses in adult education, hoping to excite wider community support for a university in Queensland.

UQ's overseas establishments include the Brunei Clinical School and the UQ-Ochsner Clinical School in Louisiana, United States.

The university offers associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees through a college, a graduate school and six faculties.

Under this transition, the university merged with Queensland Agricultural College, to establish the new UQ Gatton campus.

In the same year, the pitch drop experiment was started by Thomas Parnell.

The experiment has been described as the world's oldest and continues to this day.

Thus, in the early 1920s the growing university had to look for a more spacious campus as its original site in George Street, Brisbane, had limited room for expansion.

In 1927, James O'Neil Mayne and his sister, Mary, provided a grant of approximately £50,000 to the Brisbane City Council to acquire 274 acres (111 ha) of land in St Lucia and provided it to the University of Queensland as its permanent home.

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