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I recently shared the piece on Twitter and received more than two hundred replies, many of which asked the same sort of question: Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? A few of Trump’s accusers have spoken to the media since the Weinstein story broke.Why don’t these women press charges against the President? Natasha Stoynoff, a writer for describing an encounter during her college years with another man, an Oscar-nominated actor who grabbed her and said, “I’m going to ---- you so hard, you’ll scream like a whore.” That experience, Stoynoff wrote, “was a factor in why I didn’t report the Trump incident when it happened.” After both incidents, she explained, she’d been afraid that the perpetrator would ruin her career if she spoke out.But Ivana signed a gag order in the divorce, which prevents her from talking about her marriage without Trump’s permission.

And, over the past year, I realized, I had also allowed myself to forget the sheer repulsiveness of some of Trump’s offhand comments about women: that he told his friends to “be rougher” with their wives, that he seemed to regularly joke about dating teen-agers.Surely some of them happily give up control to their girlfriends and wives and go onto have fulfilling, nurturing relationships with women who call all the shots. couple of weeks ago, as the Harvey Weinstein story continued to spool out across the news, I surveyed the growing pile of allegations—the horrific and familiar tale of an angry, wealthy, egotistical man with a casual habit of treating young women as if they were blow-up dolls. Weinstein was being disgraced and disowned, and his accusers applauded for their bravery.“Because it forces the ‘player’ to look into the mirror and realize he’s never grown up and doesn’t know what true connections are.”Another said he couldn’t remember the last time heard the term.Another said “a great percentage of the people I know now are married, so it doesn’t really come up.”These are telling responses: Once everyone is marrying age, no one thinks it’s that pathetic to find someone; it’s suddenly the goal.

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