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This dictionary gives also the etymologies of personal names and mythological names. = Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. Littre's Dictionnaire de la langue francaise, Pans, 1884.

Some other features of this dictionary: What the elements are to chemistry, what the sounds are to music, are words to language. Feist, S., Vergleichendes Worterbuch der gotischen Sprache, 3rd ed., Leiden, 1939- Frankel Siegmund, Die aramaischen Fremdworter im Arabischen, Leyden, 1886. Libros, Leiden, 195 • Lewis and Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford, 195 1- Lewy H Die semitischen Fremdworter im Griechischen, Berlin, 1895.

In this dictionary the words of Semitic origin — about 750 in number — are fully analyzed : they are traced to their etyma, the cognates are given, the stem is distinguished from the prefixes and suffixes added to it, etc.

In brief: the words of Semitic origin are treated exactly as the Indo- European words.

Leo Bermann, whose sincere brotherly affection and friendly devotion have always been and continue to be a grati- fying source of spiritual joy to me, and who had a decisive role in the history of the publication of my dictionary. Marsh Jeanneret, president of the Toronto Uni- versity Press, and to Miss F. There I learned that my Father, my wife, my only child Joseph and two of my three sisters had suffered martyrdom in Auschwitz. Paul Horvath (nee Elizabeth Klein) and her husband have survived. After my return I decided to write an etymological dictionary of the English language, the language which I had loved and admired since my early childhood. This is why my dictionary may also serve as a preliminary work for an ety- mological dictionary of the Semitic languages themselves. In all etymological dictionaries we frequently come across such words as are declared to be 'of unknown origin', even in cases when the etymology of such words can be established beyond any doubt.

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