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The kinds of interactions I watched were skewed, so my experiences with Nigerians were shallow at best.Additionally, there were no other Nigerian children my age to interact with, so the only people to look to model Nigerianism were the elders that I was rarely allowed to interact with.My brothers aren’t like this, so I am baffled are these accepted norms or character traits? In turn what are my actions supposed to be to counteract that? I mean, I see many women pretending with their fake smiles, and bogus compliments etc, and I frankly, I am tired of the Bullsh*t.With the exception of being able to cook a Nigerian meal, and speaking your native language what exactly does it mean to be a Nigerian woman in America?There was an interaction between parents, their children, between siblings and never once would you hear “I’m not your mate, or I am your senior”. As I grew older the guidelines grew more stringent and I began to resist and resent many of them. I have now come into my own, and realize that I can be myself, and make nooooo pretenses or apologies for being myself, and yet I still rub people the wrong way (well only Nigerians).

They then solicit you for money for a charity they run in Nigeria or Ghana.

a business trip or to visit his child in a Nigerian boarding school or even a safari.

Soon enough there is some sort of "emergency" with either the child suffering from a brain hemorrhage or "William" suffering a life threatening accident.

We have heard enough stories about how Kenyan women borrowed loans for their Nigerian boyfriends to pay for ‘containers with goods worth millions’ stuck at the port only for the Nigerian man to disappear. You have never been immersed in so much love and affection. He will even paint your toenails and shampoo your hair. He even gives you money before you ask for it because ‘you are special and you deserve it’.

I know Kenyan women whose careers and lives have come to a standstill after a Nigerian man swept them clean, and I mean clean; car, house, land, money… So today, ladies, I chose to address this topic, once and for all. He debunks every myth you have ever heard about Nigerian men swindling women off their money. You think that the Lord has finally smiled upon you and given you a wonderful man who is not only loving, but also rich.

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