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You have to be born with a ­perfect body to become a ­ballerina and part of the reason why Natalie Portman is so ­phenomenal in the role is because her body is in ­total proportion.

Only someone in the dance world would be able to see that her hands and her spine were not quite ­perfectly positioned enough for someone dancing Swan Lake.

I’ve read criticism that he is too dark to be believable — I disagree.

[Jerome Robbins, who died in 1998, was one of the most brilliant choreographers and a harsh ­taskmaster.

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Nina also self-harms, tearing at her shoulder blade until it is raw.

It is something ­ballerinas learn at a very young age.

In every ballet school attached to a ­company, there is a ­culling of dancers at the end of the year.

In one scene, her mother buys her a cake to ­celebrate winning the Swan Lake role.

She initially refuses to eat it and when she finally has a tiny bite you can see the distaste on her face.

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