Val kilmer izabella miko dating

It doesn't seem that long ago that Val Kilmer was a big star appearing in major Hollywood movies - it's kind of sad to see that just about all of his recent work has been for the straight-to-DVD market.And in these films (and this one), he appears to have put on some weight, looking somewhat puffy and tired.In 2015, Miko co-produced the autobiographical film Desert Dancer, which tells the story of Iranian choreographer Afshin Ghaffarian.The same year, she had guest appearances in the television series Blue Bloods and Scorpion, as well as a recurring role in the NBC action-drama series Chicago Fire.Still, the movie is professionally filmed, a trademark of Millennium Films/Nu Image, and it's nice to see one of their shot-in-Bulgaria movies actually set in Bulgaria!And while the movie could have been more engaging, it does manage to set up a mystery that keeps you watching - there's never a time I could consider anywhere near boring.

An American choreographer invited her to study in New York City on a scholarship with the School of American Ballet, and she later enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Institute to study acting.

Actually, aside from that, he doesn't have much to be ashamed about for this particular straight-to-DVD movie.

It has its faults - the story is set in 1992 for no apparent reason, Kilmer's character is not properly introduced, and for a thriller, the movie is surprisingly calm - it could have used with a bit more juice in its narrative and a few exciting action scenes.

In 2005, Miko appeared in a multi-episode story arc on the critically acclaimed HBO series Deadwood; the same year, she appeared in the music video for "Mr.

Brightside" by The Killers (she would again collaborate with the band for the video of their 2012 single "Miss Atomic Bomb", breaking her foot during filming).

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