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Since the functions of this system were similar to most dating sim game systems, he just called it the DS system for short. Any gamer that’s played a dating sim game before should know the basics, while each dating sim game has its individual quirks, there are some common things found in most of them. When talking to one of the primary characters, that is to say, a beautiful girl, at various points some conversation options will appear, and one will definitely improve her feelings towards you, one will decrease them, while one is neutral. The main character’s conversations with everyone else, or the game text, you can check everything again on the dating sim’s memo, which meant that Seiji was able to look at the record of his conversations with everyone!

After reincarnating to this body, he’s been experimenting with this system that he received inexplicably.

First, he has to clean up the instant noodles that choked this body to death……

It’s a room that’s 30 square meters, with a shower and bathroom, and the rent is 5000 sakuras every month. After Seiji reincarnated, at first he thought that he was in Japan, but later he discovered that this was actually another parallel world, the entire world map was significantly different from Earth’s, and history had majorly changed.

After Seiji reincarnated, any time he talked to a girl whose appearance was above average, he could see their current opinion of him, and he was also able to check his own stats.

Academics: 5 – Rubbish, with this level you’d be the worst even in elementary school!

Other than that, there were also CGs and video playbacks, that could replay some scenes of him interacting with girls, it’s like a type of album. The last function, the one that Seiji found the most incredible, the most gamebreaking, even if he didn’t have any of the above abilities, just with this last ability, he could subvert the entire world. Because the final ability of the dating sim system was – Saving and loading!!!

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