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The findings were based on surveys of teens who visited northern California school health clinics, and don't hint at how common this kind of abuse among teens is overall.But the study does suggest that females, non-whites and bisexuals are most vulnerable.People online are found to usually lie about their looks, age, family background, marital status and profession. On the internet, it is hard to judge a person on the basis of his/her email account, which may be fake.Cyber relationships do not offer any assurance about a person.

With such liberty on the internet, establishing a romantic relationship with one you haven’t even met is not surprising.Evidence has already shown that cyber dating abuse is linked to physical, sexual and psychological abuse, Dick said.The study authors surveyed slightly more than 1,000 teens aged 14 to 19 who visited on-campus health clinics from 2012 to 2013 in search of care for issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and annual checkups.Even with its demerits, cyber relationships are safe as they possess no danger of sexual exploitation, pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.Before starting a cyber relationship, do not forget to consider the aforementioned tips. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.

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