Hansard and irglova dating

Irglová was a member of the band The Swell Season with Glen Hansard.

“There was a consensus that subtitles would help in this country. “And what I immediately noticed was the appreciation for art, films and music was more potent than in any other country I’d been to.

When a trio of young American directors set out to make a documentary on The Swell Season – the duo comprising Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová – they found themselves saddled with a peculiar problem.

The film concerns itself with the relationship between beardy Hansard, a Dublin musician, and shy Irglová, a younger Czech singer. As things worked out, the true-life version played a little like Carney’s film in reverse.

Hansard has already had some experience, of course.

But Irglová seems increasingly fazed by the attention.

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