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It is not affiliated in any way with the goods or services that may be parodied. Besides the main characters Frasier Crane, his father Martin and brother Niles, Daphne Moon, Roz Doyle, and a few others, there are several minor characters who regularly appear on the American television sitcom Frasier, or who have important but limited roles.She pays Niles back by refusing to grant an immediate divorce; instead, she forces Niles to play along that the two remain happily married, assuring him that after he has done this on several select social occasions she will file for divorce.It quickly becomes apparent that she is deliberately prolonging the process while ensuring the maximum public humiliation for Niles.Mel also has one son, and it is specifically stated she is divorced.It is hinted at that she had her son at a very young age.Despite a decent first date, Faye breaks up with him for a while when she embarks on a planned trip to Paris.By the time Faye returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone (played by Virginia Madsen).

He was born in a veterinary clinic and is named after show's creator David Angell, who died along with his wife Lynn aboard American Airlines Flight 11 during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Thinking Frasier is Jewish because she saw him buying a menorah for his son, Mrs.

Moskowitz takes a liking to him and hooks him up with Faye.

Frasier, initially claiming not to have any regrets about letting her go, accepts a high-paying job offer in San Francisco.

The series ends with Frasier on a plane, but it is revealed at the last minute that he had chosen love over career as the plane lands in Chicago, where he hopes to reunite with Charlotte.

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