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Therefore keep in mind these details before joining.

Online video chatting with strangers can be interesting at times!

Like you can “own” a friend by spending the lunch money to buy him.

Other areas of the app can also be unlocked through the use of “coins” which will also increase your popularity.

Unlike other random chat apps on the list, users have no profile and directly jump to random conversations instead.

Plus there are also options to select the age and the gender of the “interlocutor” you want to chat with.

So go out there and get yourself a whole new social circle.This app too incorporates flash based games ranging from casino to arcade.It also has an amusing feature of earning “lunch money” which can be used on various areas of the app.Also there is an option to play games with strangers. Originally launched as a dating website, Meetme is another prominent entry with a user-base of more than a 100 million people around the globe.It has a feature to see the number of views your profile has received, how many admirers you have and the number of gold stars you were gifted from other uses.

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    Feel free to report any users, send some type of proof of what you are reporting and we will get to it as fast as we can. You can always report someone by contacting a staff member or even by emailing us at admin[at]loveitchat4Our website now supports Mobile devices!

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