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Your Auto Text entry will be added to the document in the default way specified.

Of course you can always use the Quick Parts to place Auto Text, but that requires all of those extra steps. Document Property Quick Parts provide fast and easy access to the meta data properties of your document.

Or in other words, Auto Text is just chunks of text content that is saved so you can automatically insert into your documents, emails, and projects at the push of a button. How-To Create A New Auto Text Entry In Word 2010, Auto Text entries are stored as building blocks. Using Auto Text In Word 20106.a Start typing text that is contained in an Autotext entry, as you get the first word or so typed in you’ll see a small pop-up letting you know you can F3 to insert the most similar Autotext entry.

To create a new entry, use the Create New Building Block dialog box. Regardless of which way you decide to use Auto Text, the result should be the same.

The first time I ever encountered the automatic date formatting in Excel, I assumed that I had done something incorrect.

So I went back to the cell that had been automatically converted to a date, erased the data, then carefully entered my information again.

8.a If you opted for the the Document Properties Panel it will show up as a bar just above the document workspace.

Right-click on a cell that is being converted, then click Format Cells.But you can make a simple change to any cell in which this action is occurring, and the information that you enter into that cell will remain in the exact format that you typed.Open the Microsoft Excel file in Excel 2010 that contains the cells that are being automatically formatted.This process is ideally performed on cells before you enter the information that Excel will convert to the date format.After you convert existing cell data to the correct format, the value displayed in the cell will likely not be the value that you had originally entered.

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