Configuration options for updating windows xp pro middle school dating site

You can deploy the software locally on each client computer or it can be deployed from a central location using Active Directory.

The following steps outline how the client can be deployed using a group policy object: Once the updated version of Automatic Updates has been deployed to client computers, you can configure the client software.

Once this is complete, you then need to configure the client computers on your network to point to the WSUS server.

To manually refresh the settings, use the gpupdate /force command on the client computers.

Type in the same URL in the Set the intranet statistics server field.

The WSUS settings configure through the GPO will now be automatically deployed to the client computers.

If all clients are running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2, no installation is required because the WSUS client is already installed.

If client computers are not running Service Pack 2, or they are running a different version of Windows, the WSUS client can be installed through self-update.

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