Try to be more accommodating

Of course in this situation they both need to work at finding some kind of compromise, and they may need help from the parents with this.It is not fair for the one sibling to run around screaming and shouting – whatever their reasons for doing it are – but on the other hand the sibling with sound sensitivity will learn that their brother or sister will have to scream and shout sometimes, and they will need to try to find ways of coping with that. A lot of people would think that neuro-typicals adjusting their behaviour to accommodate someone with autism is the most difficult thing, but this simply isn’t true.Try to explain what you need from the other person.

Children can help collect eggs from the hens in the morning, while adults appreciate the spa facilities.Escape into Kakadu National Park and celebrate the beauty of the tropical landscape, and the local indigenous culture.Accommodation options range from wilderness safari retreats, cabins and campgrounds to truly a unique hotel that is shaped to look like a crocodile.This gives everybody a chance to be on their own and to relax, to do what they want, and behave however they need to without having to worry about taking somebody else’s autism in to account.Something else you could try – and again only if you are able to – is to talk to each other about how you experience autism; what it means for both of you, your similarities and differences.

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