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Peter is an entrepreneur and activist, and Cara is an Emmy nominated actress, screenwriter and director best known for her roles as Dr.Faye Miller in the fourth season of the AMC drama series .Peter Thum and Cara Buono are the founders of Liberty United and of Fonderie 47; ventures that transform illegal guns into jewelry, watches, accessories and art to fund programs to stop gun violence.Liberty United programs protect, educate and uplift the lives of thousands of at-risk children who are growing up with gun violence in America.Children’s Home Aid: Cara: My father raised my siblings and me to include service in our lives.I’ve been actively volunteering since I was a teenager and am still active in a few other organizations.

Children truths of directly associated with groups or individuals single is instrumental in bringing in a new student to work on a research paper about.For example: When I got to meet the kids who are enrolled in the Children’s Home Aid Community Schools program in Englewood, it was awesome.These children are just like our own daughter and our hope for them is like our hope for her — that they can flourish and have a great life. I’m not sure how we manage to do everything that we do. We organize our work and our lives with her front of mind.Peter: The organizations and brands that I’ve founded have now helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.But the strongest sense of accomplishment comes when I get to meet face to face with people whose lives have been made better by our customers who have supported our mission and who are helping people in need who they will probably never get to meet.

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