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Because she could speak Dutch, she acquired several Dutch pen friends. In her correspondence with Estell "Stella" Zeehandelaar, R. Kartini expressed her desire to be like European youth. Sadly, this ambition was unrealized as a result of her premature death in 1904 at the age of only 25.

During her seclusion, Kartini continued to educate herself on her own. Kartini's book was published at a time when the Dutch Colonial Government were implementing Dutch Ethical Policy in the Dutch East Indies, and Abendanon was one of the most prominent supporters of this policy. Kartini's letters also expressed her hopes for support from overseas. In her letters, she mentioned that not only did her esteemed husband support her desire to develop the woodcarving industry in Jepara and the school for native women, but she also mentioned that she was going to write a book.After this second marriage, Kartini's father was elevated to Regency Chief of Jepara, replacing his second wife's own father, Tjitrowikromo.Kartini was the fifth child and second eldest daughter in a family of eleven, including half siblings.Her birthday is now celebrated as Kartini Day in Indonesia.She took an interest in mysticism and opposed polygamy.

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