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He was looking for something meaningful, something that the routine of swipe-right-and-repeat lacked.

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Wachs hasn’t used the app yet (“I just wanted to see what it was,” he says, repeating the curiosity common to everyone I interviewed), but he understands why it might appeal to Harvard students who want partners who understand the pressures they face.

Still, he maintains that The League’s “pretentious” marketing is the wrong way to approach the issue.

And for all of its ambitions of becoming the “anti-Tinder,” The League might not even be so different from its lowbrow nemesis, at least to Harry H. Hager says he downloaded The League over winter break because he was “bored.” He expected to see “a resume with a face on it,” but instead, found only “standard dating profile things”: pictures, a bio, and the option to swipe left or right.

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