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To proselytize their particular ‘variation on a theme,’ they wrote gospels which confirmed the correctness of their own beliefs, attributing authorship to their adopted apostle.Each Christianity sent out missionaries, some east, into Persia; several of them to Rome, the great pagan city.If Christ was a creation, yet was himself a god, was Christianity a two god faith?Jewish theologians certainly attacked the Christians for such an apostasy.Again, if Christ was a creation, had there been a time when he had not existed? If less than the creator, could his death atone for the sins of the world?After all, would it not require the sacrifice of at least a god to redeem the whole of humanity?Yet if Christ was more than a normal man, could his death and resurrection be an example for normal men to follow?Perhaps Jesus was a human upon whom the holy spirit had descended or was he God taking on the appearance of human form?

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Christianity in Rome had to jostle with gods both old and new; Mithraism in particular was a blossoming religion, also from the east and with a character very similar to Christianity.

He paid for his wars, luxurious apartments (and an intended rebuilding of St Peters) with an army of clerics set to high-pressure selling of benefices and "indulgences" – the final straw as far as Luther was concerned.

In reaction to the runaway success of Marcion’s Pauline Christianity, scribes in Rome concocted a sacred history to bolster their own claim to singular authority.

It was their stylii that wrote the earliest Christian scripture.

For centuries, schools of philosophy, mystics, prophets and magicians had speculated on reality.

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