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Last week I wrote a column directed to husbands with wives who have cerebral palsy.This week I want to switch the roles and address wives with husbands who have cerebral palsy.

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I didn't think of messaging him afterwards but I was curious because no one has ever approached me in that manner... But, I was walking past him and took a glimpse- he had one crutch (by his right side). But the way he walked was quite strange and he was limping. I feel like physically disabled people might be a bit sensitive when it comes to break-ups because to them, just finding one person to accept them is difficult.Your future husband wants the person he fell in love with. He wants to be treated with respect, dignity and love.You already fell in love with him — cerebral palsy and all — so just continue communicating, having fun and obtaining goals.Even though I’m not a man, I have dated men with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.I’m also a wife, so I hope I have an idea of what a man would like his wife to understand.

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