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But when you add all of humanity together, a lot starts to happen in that lowly minute.Here at we did some calculations and consulted research, and—as you’ll see in the video above—a minute of life on Earth is almost unbelievably full of life.Does anyone have any advice on what we could do to improve the problem, or any tablets we can buy?

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I know that it must make him feel really inadequate which is why I have tried not to make an issue out of it for three years, but it's really getting me down now.

I know it's common for boys to ejaculate quickly when they're young, but he's 22 and we've been together for 3 years so he's had plenty of practice, but the problem is not improving in the slightest.

He'll last longer if masturbating, but again it is still quick, around 2 minutes.

I know that he can do 'stuff' to me, but I don't enjoy it all that much and would prefer to just have sex.

I now feel as though I don't even want to have sex with him, because it just feels like there's no point to it.

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