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The 1960 Syracuse Orangemen finished with a record of 7–2 and did not play in a post-season bowl game.

In Ernie's senior year, the 1961 Orangemen finished with a record of 8–3, closing the season with a 15–14 victory over the Miami Hurricanes in the Liberty Bowl, played at Philadelphia's Franklin Field.

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, all the players from the game attended the banquet.

Brown recalls that the teams sat on opposite sides of the room.

While attending Syracuse, Davis was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, a nationally recognized Jewish fraternity.

Davis was the first African-American to become part of the organization not only at the Syracuse chapter, but for the national fraternity as a whole.

When the Chronicle asked Brown whether the film is a truthful portrayal of his friend, Brown said " ...

in short, no."Seldom has an athlete been more deserving of such a tribute.

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As a sophomore, Davis led the 1959 Syracuse team to a national championship, capping an 11–0 season with a 23–14 win over the Texas Longhorns in the 1960 Cotton Bowl Classic, where Davis was named Most Valuable Player.He attended Elmira Free Academy, where he earned two All-American honors.At the end of his senior season he was recruited by numerous colleges, and chose to attend Syracuse University after being persuaded by his childhood hero, Jim Brown, a Syracuse alumnus.Author Jocelyn Selim writes that at the banquet following the 1960 game, Davis was told he could only accept his award and then would be required to leave the segregated facility.Davis and his black teammates were allowed to finish their meals at the banquet.

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