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The benefits of early marriage are extreme and it is highly encouraged in Islam if both of spouses are mature and responsible, and if the husband can support the family on the financial side.” Most people confuse early marriage with the marriage of a girl who is not capable (what some refer to underage marriage). The reference in Quran 4:6 has stated RUSHD (intellect) as a vital condition for a girl to be married.

According to the story, despite being very sharp, the knife did not cut Ismail by following the command of Allah and great angel Jibreel (Gabriel) brought a ram to be sacrificed instead. It is the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar.The urge for sex can be very strong, especially in adolescence and in most cases, it (the urge) must be satisfied, either in a halal way or in a haram way.The desire for such satisfaction has made young boys and girls engage in actions that are unthinkable.Early marriages are originally recommended for Muslims; it is healthy and helps for chastity.Delay of marriages is very helpful for the Shaytan.

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