Common alicia keys dating

Her hope and dream was to get married and have children and live happily ever after.

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She is mad because she stayed in a loveless marriage.

She lost because she was delusional just like Emily who was in a relationship by herself in her head.--Reality is a b#tch.

Alicia is just a young ass lady who really don't know the game!! She should have waited for the divorce before dating him..cause a couple is seperated doesn't mean they are divorced.

I contacted this spell lady and she assured me of having him back in 2days, it sounds some how i was even more skeptical when i knew i has to come up with something, but my dear, 3days later my reply to the spell lady was unlimited thanks and happiness for her spell actually worked and brought Jakwel back to me as much as i expected. Nothing was said about that other than the girl was young and didn't know better. We also know he had an affair with another lady during that marriage, just no child with her. Anyway what I'm getting at is if Mashonda knew he was not being faithful other times, how can she contribute the breakup of her marriage to just one person.

It was pretty evident from his actions he did not want to be with her.

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