Puala white dating

Her Apopka congregation now numbers about 10,000, down from her erstwhile multi-site megachurch of 28,000 in Tampa.

At the end of a second summer Sunday service, this one on the eve of the Republican National Convention, White apologizes for not being able to greet her flock.

Paula White was described as “his guide to the country’s religious conservatives” by Christianity Today.Despite the increasingly long odds against Donald Trump becoming the next President, if he does, Paula White, a Pentecostal preacher with an insanely checkered history, who speaks in tongues and believes in faith healing, stands to become Trump's Billy Graham, a person murmuring God's will into his ear.So who is she today, and how did she get so close to the nation's highest circle of power?Her mother was an alcoholic and her father committed suicide.Living for a time in a trailer, she was the victim of childhood physical and sexual abuse.

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