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Sexuality Toronto is a a directory of sex-positive practitioners and resources, which includes poly-friendly therapists and other professionals.The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has a comprehensive site on sound bites for the polyamory community.Links to more Information about Polyamory and open Relationships can be found below the article. Law must evolve to protect rights of polyamorists In the article series Polyamory Science on Polyamory Magazine you will find all articles about scientific research about Polyamory.This article series is part of the article series about Polyamory, where you will find all articles on this topic.Rather than trying to make an argument against monogamy from the outset, this book brings you naturally to that conclusion through understanding of our history.The Ethical Slut is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in learning more about polyamory.Loving More has been supporting polyamory and relationship choice since 1985.

The Polyamory Leadership Network is “a loose association of about 100 people around the world working to advance public awareness of polyamory”.Polyamory in the News is just that: an amalgamation of items appearing in the news related to polyamory.Alan does more than just post links to articles–he offers interesting commentary, based on his own research and/or interviews.It provides a wealth of practical information about opening up a relationship.The New Male Sexuality is all about guys and their sexuality, but it is an interesting read for men and women.

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