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Everyone has an aura – the pulsating energy of your psyche.Advanced psychics can actually see the aura of some people.As you might expect with black aura people, tension is caused with white, light grey and serene, well-lit areas; yet comfort can be found in oversaturated, psychedelic and garishly over-decorated places. Why would your man insist to you that he is someone he is not?That is who a black aura emanates from: a liar, a con, and, well, worse.The color of your man's clothing can reveal his aura – if he is usually a passive man and suddenly is agitated and uncomfortable, the color of his clothes is clashing with his aura.Knowing this, you can then determine what his aura's color is.A man in an angry mood is around colors that clash with his aura.

This aura lands in the right place at the right time.

Try to wear white when you attempt to read your man's aura.

As everyone's core aura color is white and any other color worn by a lover might influence a person whose aura interacts with the particular color of your clothing.

Spiritual Advice Either you're in an established relationship or you're just starting to see someone. In the case of the latter, you want to know what his authentic self is.

With these tips, learn to read your man's aura and find the answers.

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