Special operations dating and relationships

I can name PLENTY of faithful couples that are military.It takes a special kind of person to be a solider and a special kind of person to be a military spouse.” We get a lot of calls from people who are in a relationship with someone in the military, so I’ve asked Captain Mike Jones to join me on these next few blog posts.I became close and fast friends with them and figured out that they were my built in support system and I was theirs.One look and we would know what the other was thinking. And we all knew we only had each other to lean on when we needed to talk.

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I delivered the statement I was told to give and they instantly knew what that meant.

If you are looking for some specific ways to survive military deployment read this blog Ashley wrote: “The military life is a hard one, but if you love someone enough then it’s not hard to be faithful.

Many people just assume that the military is full of cheaters or that the spouses back home are unfaithful!

I was told it was better to ignore the news and only trust information about his unit that came straight from the FRG.

No pictures online and certainly no pictures in uniform. Here I was dealing with a situation that I had never dealt with before in my life and now I was being given all of these extra rules.

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