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It has two peaks in the accumulation and inversion region for some diodes (0.4%N, 0.8%N).γ-ray irradiation produced traps levels and recombination centers that reduce relaxation time.Because we do not sell our products directly we cannot quote a specific price on our website.Contact a sales representative through either the “HOW TO BUY” button on the product page or by calling them and they will be able to obtain pricing from local distributors in your area.Five threaded ports, available in metric or NPT versions, and ruggedized mounting options provide ultimate installation flexibility.Instrumentation built on various sensing technologies can be attached locally to the transmitter or remotely with the appropriate accessories.

Radiation was also found to degrade the reverse leakage current.

Having a common transmitter platform for all your gas detectors brings further benefits.

Common tools and installation methods simplifies and reduces cost of installation.

We do not sell our products directly on our website but we would be happy to assist you with your gas detection needs.

On each product page you will see a red button on the right-hand side titled “HOW TO BUY”.

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