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If you disagree on too many issues, the tab marked The Two of Us reads instead Y’all Got Issues. As far as Plenty of Fish, it’s free and a lot of people use it.

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We’ve shared together the angst of my school days, the excitement of my trip to Cape Town, the disappointments of ill-fitting love, recipes, haircuts and random joys of life after 40. Counting my blessings, Girl’s Night In is one thing I truly have been blessed by. That’s assuming the person who has captured your attention has taken the time to answer those questions thoughtfully and honestly — but more on that later.I like Ok Cupid because it’s free to post a profile and to communicate with other people on the site; I also like the Questions section.I really liked what he wrote in his About Me section.Based on how we answered the same questions, Ok Cupid ranks us 89% Match, 80% Friends, 10% Enemy. And then I clicked on the questions portion of his profile to see where we differed.

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