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At any point in a work of art's history, it's authenticity can come into question.Often, art is accompanied by documentation, commonly known as provenance, that confirms its authenticity.An original gallery sales receipt or receipt directly from the artist.A film or recording or photograph of the artist talking about the art or posed next to the art.A mention or illustration of the art in a book or exhibit catalog.

In most cases, the real reason for not showing the provenance is that it's questionable in nature.Unscrupulous sellers know the value of provenance and can sometimes go to great lengths to manufacture or fabricate phony provenance for their art.The good news is that phony provenance is relatively easy to detect in most cases.Over 600 seventh grade students in Philadelphia and Norristown will meet successfully employed artists, chefs, fashion, furniture and game designers, photographers and other creatives, and learn what it takes to find A JOB TO LOVE FOR LIFE!READ MORE We believe that art has the power to change lives.

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