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In addition to American clocks, there are many that were made in Europe, South America and Asia.

Still there are certain things to look for on a clock to help identify it and the time period when it was made.

Be careful, there is also the possibility that the clock you find may be a reproduction or a marriage.

Throughout the centuries, thousands and thousands of clocks have been made by a countless number of clockmakers and manufacturing companies in numerous styles and designs.

Drugs, including alcohol, were not allowed, though they were frequently used despite the rule.

The club had a disco dance floor, an in-house DJ, sauna rooms, and a swimming pool with waterfalls.

Antique clocks, and antique clock identification, cover a wide spectrum of information ranging from the first collectible clock made in the sixteenth century, the lantern clock, to the clocks of the early twentieth century.

Although the odds of finding an original lantern clock at a local tag sale or auction are practically nil, the possibility of finding a late nineteenth century Ansonia mantle clock or a Gustav Becker weight driven wall clock from the same era are real possibilities.

The club's Manhattan location was shut down on New Year's Eve 1985, ostensibly for violating public-health ordinances.Plato's Retreat relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where it reopened under the name Plato's Retreat 2. Plato's Retreat in Fort Lauderdale was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Club, and no liquor was sold on the premises; however, it provided complimentary mixers, soft drinks, juices and ice.Located at 321 West Sunrise, the new location was in operation until 2006 as an on-premises heterosexual swing club, open Monday through Sunday from eight p.m. In 2006, Plato's Retreat closed, and then reopened, keeping the same location and BYOB Club format, but as a sex club for men only.Lincoln; the club catered to heterosexual couples and bisexual women.The club was opened in 1977 by Larry Levinson, a high school friend of Al Goldstein, and was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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