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Although players can do whatever they want in this game, in order to succeed they need to successfully get a job, multitask, and forge complex social interactions.

To keep the Sims healthy, players will need to have a strong attention to detail and a lot of focus.

This product merely adds a bunch of new items, clothes, appliances, etc, that players can use to expand their virtual life, extending the franchise's theme of consumerism.

This expansion pack does add new hot tubs that encourage players to lure potential mates, but it does not really add to the existing sexual content in the base game.

This is an expansion pack that does nothing more than add new items to the base game.

This was carried forward into The Sims 3, but is not as accessible.

When first played, most Sims either have a completely neutral preference or a slight preference for (or rarely against) one gender.

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