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They are basically allowed to misbehave while men are censured heavily for having the temerity to speak up about it.Or for saying anything that could be construed as criticizing the female sex.Or worse, to be put down for even having the temerity to show any interest at all.As if that weren’t enough, I found many women wouldn’t even look at my profile unless I had looked at theirs first or e-mailed them.

One poster even talked about how online dating is ‘good for women but bad for men’. In short order I came to the conclusion that POF moderators tread lightly on the women who frequent the site.

Virtually all of them complained of arbitrary and heavy-handed moderators.

Some even intimated that POF moderators actually read the supposedly private e-mails that users send other users.

To sum up, POF is worth about what you paid for it.

And it’s sometimes said that there are some things that not even a Scotsman should take for free.

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