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Below are the fundamental beliefs of old-earth (“day-age”) creationism.

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The purpose is not to dissuade young-earth believers from their position, but rather to propose OEC as a well-reasoned, Bible-honoring view that has been embraced by scholars such as Francis Schaeffer, James Boice, and Norman Geisler.I like most kinds of music including good jazz, RB, classical, 80s, some CW (Mostly for dancing) and even the occasional Reggae concert.Sitting on a blanket under the stars, listening to music at the zoo or bio park, are favorites.Gordon Wenham concurs: “Six days has been seized on and interpreted over-literally, with the result that science and Scripture have been pitted against each other instead of being seen as complementary.” century examination of the Genesis genealogies by Archbishop James Ussher and theologian John Lightfoot.Based on the ages of patriarchs, Ussher and Lightfoot both calculated the universe, earth, and life were created in 4004 B.

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