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Rena Politi, my secretariat told me that several quite reliable sites (university URL addresses) have posted this email from IEEE.With little google research you can see it posted in several places of the blogsphere.See the following comment and try to discover via Google FAKE IEEEConferences.................. I think that it is betterto publish to societies like IASTED, IMACS than the IEEE.The IEEEconferences are not serious especially if the organizers are guys like Petre Dini or Nagib Callaos. While in all the WSEAS emails, the WSEAS has instructions of how to unsubscribe, Springer Verlag consider it as non-necessary.

In the past, papers have been submitted by “Herbert Schlangemann,” but be mindful that the perpetrator of this fraud will change the approach over time.In the event you discover any evidence of questionable content or behavior, please communicate that to us immediately along with an action plan for addressing the problem.Thank you for your help in maintaining the quality of our products.Congratulations to our authors, reviewers and Editors received 17 copies of the following SPAM email today from IEEE Circuits and Systems. Maybe, they have never heard the SCIgen papers that proved how vulnerable were the IEEE conferences (They have never heard anything about: "IEEE Nagib Callaos", google it and many others) Doesn't IEEE Spam the academic community everyday?IEEE Conference Organizers and other IEEE Officers (like Gasacrh and Fotrnow that organize some IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity blamed the WSEAS for Spam some years ago. Hasn't IEEE accept several SCIgen papers in the thousand conferences that use the name of IEEE?

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