Dating violence awareness color

The color purple will be honored not in bruises but in the actions of brave victors.

I am pleased to tell you that your neighbors in BC are joining you in declaring that Domestic Violence has no place in our community.

Know the facts, understand teen dating abuse and recognize the signs to ensure young women know what a healthy vs. Research Paper: If She Can Dream It Providing Role Models and Mentors for 21st Century Girl Empowerment.

Football players in NFL games this month are wearing pink! On my flight last week, the airline was selling pink lemonade and martinis as well as collecting donations--all to go to breast cancer research. I commend and thank the Komen Foundation and all the other groups working so hard to find a cure to breast cancer and to support survivors and families. So why aren’t the airlines selling grape soda and football players wearing purple in support of ending domestic violence? Breast cancer is a disease that has touched many, many families directly. And now very few people are ashamed to be the victim of breast cancer. Domestic violence is inflicted by an agent, one person on another.

Unfortunately, as teens form their first romantic relationships, they often are unclear about what constitutes a healthy relationship.

Often, verbal and emotional abuse erodes girls’ self-esteem, making it more difficult to summon the courage to tell someone about the abuse, let alone end the relationship.

This means stepping beyond some old traditions, teachings and customs that no longer serve any useful purpose (if they ever did).

The victim and abuser are part of a community, part of families, part of a congregation or mosque.

The domestic violence is often a not-so-well-kept secret, but one we as bystanders don’t want to talk about.

We consulted with girls around the world to better understand their personal obstacles.

These girls reported, overwhelmingly, multiple challenges and sources of stress—violence, dating, peer pressure, depression, lack of self-esteem, and family or cultural expectations.

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